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First Generation.

Second Generation.

Third Generation.

Fourth Generation.

Fifth Generation.

  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
  • children:
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living

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Allcock Allen Amison Archer Badley Bakewell
Bailey Barker Bates Bebbington Beech Blagg
Brundred Booth Boulton Bourne Bourne Branford
Buckstones Carnell Cartlidge Chambers Christie Clews
Colclough Collis Conway Cooke Cooper Cope
Corfield Cresswell Day Degg Degg Delduca
Dono Draycott Durber Dutton Edgoose Edwards
Edwards Edwards Edwards Emery Foden Ford
Gittins Grocott Hallam Hand Harding Hassall
Hawkins Heath Herbert Hollis Horne Hulme
Hulme James James Jackson Jones Keene
Leese Lewis Locker Lockett Lovatt Malbon
McGowen McKenna Middleton Millard Milner Milward
Myatt Neville Nott Osborne Pearce Pickstock
Procter Randall Reilly Roster Salt Savage
Shenton Sherrat Sims Sproston Stokes Thorley
Walklate Waine Washington Watkin Whalley Williams
Wilshaw Withington Wood Worrall Worsdale Young
List of People in McGraw Family Tree.

The following pages contain most (around 70%) of the individuals on our family tree.
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Amison, Alfred. Born in 1845, died in 1910
Amison, John. Born in 1892, died in 1944.
Amison, John Alfred. Born 6th Feb 1917, died on the 11th Feb 2002
Amison, William Henry. Born in 1867, died in 1912.
Badley, Ernest Victor. Born August 27th 1884, died in 1973.
Bates, Albert.
Blundred, Fanny. Born 20th Apr 1843.
Blundred, Thomas. Born 20th Apr 1843.
Booth, Mary. ????.
Branford, Ann. Born 1860.
Branford, Arthur. Born 1848.
Branford, Arthur. Born 1921.
Branford, Arthur Laurence. Born 1901.
Branford, Benjamin. Born 1730.
Branford, Benjamin. Born 1756.
Branford, Edward. Born 1893.
Branford, Eliza. Born 1835, died 1866
Branford, Elizabeth Ellen. Born 1889.
Branford, Emma. Born 1845.
Branford, George. Born 1839.
Branford, George. Born 1858.
Branford, Hannah. Born 1857.
Branford, Hannah. Born 1837.
Branford, James. Born 1842.
Branford, John. Born 1762.
Branford, John. Born 1849.
Branford, John. Born around 1797.
Branford, John. Born 1824.
Branford, Lilian Ada. Born 1895.
Branford, Louisa. Born 1852.
Branford, Mary. Born 1832.
Branford, May. Born 1924.
Branford, Nancy. Born 1917, died May 2000
Branford, Noah. Born 1828.
Branford, Olive Mary. Born 1897.
Branford, Sarah. Born 1829.
Branford, Sarah. Born 1864.
Branford, Sarah. Born 1752.
Branford, Thomas. Born around 1700.
Branford, Thomas. Born around 1851.
Branford, Thomas John. Born 1891, died 1958.
Branford, William George. Born 1899, died 1972.
Branford, Winnie. Born 1918, died 1982.
Carnell, Harold. Born around 1900, died 1979.
Cartlidge, Sarah. Born around 1851.
Chambers, Louie. Born around 1905, died 1990.
Christie, Janet. Born 1769.
Clewes , Hannah. Born 1808.
Colclough, Ann. Born 1840.
Cooper, Mary. Born 1758, died 1804.
Cooper, Mary Jane. Born 1887, died 1941.
CORFIELD. SARAH. Born around 1834.
Day, Leornard. Born around 1900.
Degg, Charlie. Born 1904.
Degg, Florence. Born 1895.
Degg, George. Born 1826.
Degg, George. Born 1872.
Degg, George. Born 1792, died 1875.
Degg, George. Born 1907.
Degg, Laura. Born 1900.
Degg, Lily. Born 1902.
Degg, Mary. Born 1905.
Degg, Rosa. Born 1898.
Degg, Thomas. Born 1894.
Durber, Daniel. Born around 1852.
Durber, Edna. Born 1878.
Durber, Emily. Born 1858.
Durber, Harriet A. Born around 1873.
Durber, Henry. Born around 1849.
Durber, Joseph. Born around 1881.
Durber, Mary. Born around 1847.
Durber, Sarah Ann. Born 1860.
Durber, Thomas. Born 1875.
Durber, Thomas. Born around 1820.
Durber, William. Born 1855.
Edwards, Elizabeth. Born 1889, died 1932.
Emery, Gladys May. Born around 1900.
Ford, John. Born around 1866.
Ford, Mary. Born around 1886.
Gittins, Emily. Born 1868, died 1932.
Hallam, Emily. Born around 1915.
Hand, Ellen (Nellie). Born 1886, died 1958.
Heath, Mary. Born around 1801.
Herbert, Reginald. Born around 1900.
Hulme, Alice. Born around 1899.
Hulme, Benjamin. Born 1831, died 1872.
Hulme, Benjamin. Born 1897.
Hulme, David. Born 1864, died 1889. (Mossfield Explosion).
Hulme, Elizabeth. Born 1873.
Hulme, Fanny. Born 1892.
Hulme, James. Born 1869.
Hulme, Martha. Born 1863.
Hulme, Thomas. Born around 1810.
Hulme, William. Born around 1861.