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Fourth Generation.

Fifth Generation.

  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
  • children:
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living

Harriet McGraw- John Alfred Amison.
Francis McGraw Harriet was born on her parents 19th wedding anniversary the 10th Oct 1916, at 96 Park Road, Fenton, and married on the 5th Aug 1939 at Fenton Parish Church (Christ Church), Fenton. (Photo) to John A Amison (born 6th Feb 1917). Harriet died on the 29th Oct 1979 at 19 Grosvenor Street, Longton, and John A Amison died on the 11th Feb 2002 at the City General Hospital. Both are at rest in Longton Cemetery.
Photo above-
Harriet (McGraw) and John Alfred Amison sitting in Fenton Park, taken around 1937/38.
They had the following children:
Me a few years ago. John (Me) born 1943 Living.
Yvonne • Yvonne born 1946 Living.
Ivan • Ivan born in 1949 Living.
The Photo shows Number 8 Goldenhill Road Fenton where Harriet spent most of her childhhood until she Married in 1939.
Married in 1939 at Fenton Parish Church (Christ Church), Fenton.
Photo Left-Right=
Unknown, James McGraw, John Alfred Amison, Harriet McGraw, Harold Carnall, unknown, married on the 5th Aug 1939.
photo Left-Right=
After John and Harriet married they lived at 49 Alma Street Fenton, they also had their first son shown in the photo below.
Photo Left-Right=
Harriet Amison nee McGraw (my Mother) and me at my best.(1943)
Photo Harriet and John lived at 19 Grosvenor Street, Longton for approximately 20 years until Harriet died in 1979.
Photo Photo of John Alfred Amison taken around 1923 at Christchurch Street School, Christchurch, Fenton, Stoke On Trent.

(Third from the left on front row, Click photo to see larger photo in new window.)
Photo Photo of John Alfred Amison taken 25th December 1940 in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, served in 192 field ambulance unit.
Photo Left-Right= Unknown, Harriet Amison nee McGraw, Unknown.
Photo Photo shows Harriet on the right (Wearing black tie) taken around 1936.
Photo Photo taken around 1955 at Pontins Holiday Camp.
Photo Last of the Graff 1939.
Photo Harriet McGraw- John A Amison
at rest in Longton Cemetery.