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First Generation.

Second Generation.

Third Generation.

Fourth Generation.

Fifth Generation.

  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
  • children:
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living

Francis McGraw. - Louie Chambers.
St. John the Baptist Church , Longton. Francis was born on the 14th Oct 1902 at 96 Park Road, Fenton. Married in 1926 at the St. John the Baptist Church , Longton. (Photo) to Louie Chambers, Francis died 5th Jan 1963, buried with Louie died 28th Jan 1990 in Fenton Cemetery.
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They had the following children:
No Photo • Kenneth born 1927 Living
No Photo • Frank born 1932 Living
photo Left -Right=
Ellen Mcgaw, Louie McGraw, Francis McGraw, Margaret Carnell.(approx 1948 Blackpool)
photo Photo shows 17 Wedgewood Road, Fenton where Francis and Louie lived for many years.
Photo Francis McGraw- Louie Chambers
at rest in Fenton Cemetery.