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George Bourne - Johannah Boulton.
George Bourne George Bourne Born 1839 in Longton, Staffordshire, he was a Collier at the Meadow Pit, Adderley Green, Longton, Staffordshire, Sadly he died along with Thomas Edwards on the 6th August 1886, the Report can be read here!
Johannah Boulton Born 1839 Longton, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, Died ??, Staffordshire, England. Married 28 May 1860, Parish Church Caverswall Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire. England.

Will of George Bourne at time of death as follows- Personal Estate-£30 18s. 8d. 27th March-Administration of the personal Estate of George Bourne late of Adderley Green in the Parish of Caverswall in the County of Stafford who died 6th August 1886 at Adderley Green was granted at Lichfield to Johanna Bourne of Gladstone Street, Adderley Green, Widow the Relict.

The 1881 Census shows the following family members living at 81 Adderley Green Road. (now Anchor Road)
Head- George Bourne (Coal Miner) aged 41. -
Wife- Johannah aged 40.
Son- Oswald aged 17. - Son- John aged 12.
Son- George aged 6. Daughter- Sarah aged 3.

The 1901 Census shows the following family members living at 45 Gladstone Street, Longton.
Head- Johannah aged 61. Daughter- Sarah aged 23. Daughter- Emma aged 19.
Johannah Boulton
They had the following children:
No Photo • Clara Ann Bourne. Born- 1862 Died- ??
No Photo • Oswald Moseley Bourne. Born- 1864 Died- 1935,
No Photo • George Henry Bourne. Born- 1865 Died- 1866.
No Photo • Emma Amy Bourne. Born- 1866 Died- 1893.
John Osborn Henry Bourne John Osborne Henry Bourne. Born- 1868 Died- 1940.
No Photo • Levison Arthur Bourne. Born- 1870 Died- 1870.
No Photo • George Edward Bourne. Born- 1874 Died- 1893,
Sarah Ellen Bourne Sarah Ellen Bourne. Born- 1878 Died- ??
Emily Elizebeth Bourne Emily Elizebeth Bourne. Born- 21st Jan 1882 Adderley green, Staffordshire, England. Died- 1969
photo Photo of George Bourne.
photo Photo of Johannah Boulton.
photo Photo of Emily elizebeth Bourne.
photo Photo of Sarah Ellen Bourne.