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  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
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Bernard (Barnet) McGraw- Mary Ann Whalley.
Bernard (Barnet) McGraw

Above photo- Bernard McGraw.
Bernard was born in 1839 in Bridgton, Glasgow, and married at St.Mary's RC Chapel (see photo below) on the 24th June 1862 to Mary Ann Whalley who came from Gladstone Street Adderley Green, Longton, Her parents where Reuben Whalley (potter) and Harriet Whalley Nee Sutherland. Mary died aged 41 on the 13th June 1883 at 32 Willow Street of Cerebral Effusion. Bernard died on the 22th January 1893 at 4 Willow Rows Longton of Chronic Bronchitis. He was buried 28th January 1893 at Longton Cemetery in a public grave under the wrong Surname, (McGrath). Bernard worked as a Saggers makers bottom knocker and Mary was a Pottery Transferer, they had eleven children in total.

The 1881 Census shows the following family members living at 32 Willow St, Longton, Stoke on trent-
Barnett Mcgraw-Head, aged 42, Potters Plate Maker.
Mary A Mcgraw-Wife, aged 43. Potters Transferer.
James Mcgraw-Son, aged 17, Potters Plate Maker.
Ellen Mcgraw-Daughter, aged 15. Potters Transferer.
Reuben Mcgraw-Son, aged 13.
Harriet Mcgraw-Daughter, aged 10.
Mary A Mcgraw-Daughter, aged 8.
Francis Mcgraw-Son, aged 6.
Thomas Mcgraw-Son, aged 4.
Emily Mcgraw-Daughter, aged 2.
Hannah Mcgraw-Daughter, aged 6 m0nths.
William Harratt-Lodger, aged 44, Potters Painter.
Elizabeth Harratt-Lodger's daughter, aged 14, Potters Transferer.

They had the following children:
No Photo Available • Francis McGraw Born 1862 Died 1862.
No Photo Available James Whalley McGraw Born 1864.
No Photo Available Ellen McGraw Born 1866.
No Photo Available Reuben McGraw Born 1868.
No Photo Available Harriet McGraw Born 1871.
Mary Ann McGraw Mary Ann McGraw Born 1873.
Francis McGraw Francis McGraw Born 1874.
No Photo Available • Thomas McGraw Born 1877.
John McGraw John Sutherland Whalley McGraw Born 1877.
No Photo Available • Emily McGraw Born 1879.
Hannah McGraw Hannah McGraw Born 1880.
photo Photo shows a Saggers makers bottom knocker at work for more details visit-
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photo Bernard McGraw- Mary Ann Whalley married at St.Mary's RC Chapel, (see photo) Calton, Glasgow in 1862.
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photo Bernard was buried 28th January 1893 at Longton Cemetery, the photo shows what is normally an unmarked public grave where he lies at rest under the wrong surname which we will try to correct.
See Map of Lonton Cemetery.